When faced with adversity, how will you choose to handle it?

Last night took an L…

My day started off pretty great, until my car (Camille) wouldn’t start. It’s nothing worse than getting ready for a commute when an unexpected car issue arises. Of course my initial reaction was to panic, and a year ago I might have burst into tears, but I’m pretty proud of how I handled it.

I first had my “WTF, not right now”, then took a deep breath and started to assess my situation. Called AAA, they did their thing. Got my car evaluated; and it turns out that Camille just needed a new battery, a simple fix. I picked up a coffee, vibed out to the Migos and got my day back on track.

If I was to put negative energy towards the situation, been worried about the cost, or freaking out about being late, I might have let that stress me out or even ruin my entire day. But instead, I bounced back. *cues Big Sean*

The truth is, real life shit happens when you least expect it, when you may not be prepared, and the only thing you can do is practice resilience. When faced with adversity, you have to push forward. While some challenges are greater than others, we’re all faced with stress. Car issues, financial ties, you didn’t receive the opportunity you wanted, but these setbacks are a part of life. You’re entitled to freak out or have a moment to collect your thoughts, you’re human. But you also have a choice to stay in a negative mental place or choose optimism and find the best solution.

Resilience is about choosing to cope in a healthy way, recovering, and taking decisive action in the midst of a stressful situation. Being resilient may not change your circumstance, but it allows you to remain calm, let the problem roll off your back, or make the best logical decision to move forward.

Life comes with highs and lows. The lows are there to make you stronger and are opportunities for growth. Without them, the highs could not be reached. So stay resilient, positive, and press forward.